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The Mary Banks Faith Library was founded by Apostle Mary Banks over 30 years ago, after the Lord spoke to her and said, "I am sending you to my church to bring my people out of ignorance..." and "I want you to document every revelation that you receive from Me, and offer it to the world." Since then, Apostle Banks has dedicated her life to studying and ministering the mysteries of Christ, which serve as the foundation for the Christian faith. This website contains decades of revelatory knowledge that have helped so many to walk in the character and image of Christ, and we hope it will do the same for you. Browse books, study guides, courses, and training materials that were designed for your personal and ministerial development.

World Conference 2019 Study-guide

The Knowledge of God

The Knowledge of God

It is the “knowledge of God” that brings us to a perfect walk in the Spirit. It allows Faith to manifest itself with power & might through the New Creature.

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